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Dear Lottery Fan,

EuroMillions is a nice lottery game that is also accessible as a lottery online. It is played by a lot of people and these regulars are waiting for the draws draw by draw. Here we reveal the latest raffled results for Feb 25, 2014.

Draw results:

21 25 28 35 42 4 6
Category Winners Prize
Jackpot 0 -
5+1 2 €519,074.04
5+0 8 €43,256.17
4+2 61 €2,836.47
4+1 975 €155.28
4+0 2168 €69.83
3+2 2212 €48.89
2+2 30467 €16.33
3+1 32531 €14.63
3+0 67662 €11.83
1+2 158935 €8.85
2+1 457694 €8.32
2+0 949332 €4.10

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Some of we made all the efforts to post the winning numbers here properly, we propose to take your lottery form to where you bought them and have the salesman evaluate it for you.

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