Prizes for New York Lotto for the raffle on Sep 04, 2013, lottery online game

Hi Dear Friend,

I can not believe that it is time for New York Lotto again. There went a raffle on Sep 04, 2013 which made some guyswplayers rich. Winning or not winning is not matter of being pretty or ugly. Lottery is pure luck. So, here are the results:


25 26 27 32 35 50 12
Category Winners Prize
Jackpot 1 $7,100,000.00
5 + Bonus 0 $23,673.00
5 8 $2,244.00
4 670 $30.00
3 16137 $1.00

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It could be that we made all the efforts to publish the results here properly, we recommend to take your ticket to where you bought them and have the retailer evaluate it for you.

Lottery online game – some words

Lottery online game is available now for anyone as the internet is expanding rapidly. They are convenient, quick and smooth. The forms for lottery online game-s look similar to the offline tickets and lottery fans just have to mark their numbers.As the internet is accessible to anyone, an lottery online game is getting really inviting. The lottery online game-s are in many cases affiliated with to the offline national lottery games through ticket purchasing services.Be careful what you water your wishes with. Water them with pessimism and you might grow results that squeeze the soul from your dream. Support them with positive attitude and you will cultivate happiness.

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Lottery online game – more to think about

Gaining big on lottery would give anybody the chance to use winning to live their dreams. I would of course purchase myself a nice vehicle. Something unique, maybe an electric car. Naturally I would test-drive the really strong racing cars, but I would not get those.

Have a great day!

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